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1 – Why is it so important to estimate the market value of your property by a professional from Spark and Partners ?

An estimation of the selling price of the real estate asset by a professional from Spark and Partners, allows you to sell your property at the best market value at the reasonable time.

Property estimation at the right price is an essential step in the process of selling a product.

Our professional agents can assess the value of the property objectively by providing you the market research with recent market data of the properties sold.

To obtain an estimation of the value of your real estate asset(s), it is important to get in touch with a professional from the Spark and Partners agency.

Spark and Partners agency provides a 98% sales accuracy rate by its well-researched estimation value.

2 - What is the value of your property?

The market is constantly changing and prices per m² vary from one city to another but also according to the type of property, the district, and the current state of the property.

To give the best estimation price, we take into consideration: the area, amenities, materials, size, expenses, environment, and location of the property.

We provide 5 evaluation steps:

- Evaluation by the experienced team

- By Method Comparison

- By Hedonistic Method

- By Capitalization Method

- By Opportunity Method

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